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Who doesn't love fun graphic tee? I have very fond memories of the first funny t-shirt I wore in the 80's... it was a spoof on the Hooked on Phonics craze where kids were taught to read by sounding things out  - it said "Hookt on fonix rilly werkt fer me" and I just thought that was the funniest thing ever and wore it for years until it fell apart! 

MJ Tee Boutique was launched in late 2017 to help you find YOUR favorite t-shirt that you love so much you wear it all the time (even to bed) that will help you expresses your fun, funny, thoughtful, motivational, or quirky side through text and design.

My design team and I love creating new concepts that we print on high quality super soft t-shirts (and other items) where both the shirt and the design last a long time. 



Because our t-shirts are printed one at atime, we can offer easy customization on any shirt or product. We are currently working on integrating a customization app into our website but in the meantime email us at with your request to customize a  design we already have on our site or if you would like something new created! 



To keep our aesthetic shirts as pristine as possible, machine wash them cold and inside-out on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent and like colors. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners! Tumble dry on a low cycle or just hang to dry and if you need to iron, do it with the t-shirt inside out. 


Clothing Accessories Coming Soon
Unisex Jersey T-shirts Pillows Coffee Cups
Unisex V-neck T-shirts Phone Cases Insulated Bottles
Women's V-neck T-shirts Art Prints Aprons
Women's Scoopneck T-shirts Tote Bags Beach Towels
Women's Dolman T-shirts Weekender Bags Socks
Women's Curvy T-shirts Hats
Crewneck Sweatshirts Spiral Notebooks
Hoodies Makeup Bags
Unisex Tank Tops
Women's Racerback Tank Tops
Youth T-shirts
Toddler T-shirts


Our main collections include our Bookish Collection which includes graphic tees and gifts for bookaholics / bookworms, authors, and library lovers and librarians! Our bestseller in this collection is our custom Straight Outta the Library shirt that can be customized for retiring library workers. 

Our Holidays Collection includes graphic tees to celebrate Valentine's Day, Sprint & Easter, Ramadan, Mother's Day, Halloween, Fall, and Hanukkah, Christmas. Some of our holiday bestsellers include Keep Calm and Countdown to Iftar, our Feeling Wicked Halloween shirt, and our Advent sweatshirt

Our Outdoors Collection includes graphic tees for people who love the beach, camping, nature, and plants / gardening. Some of our bestsellers here include: Ohana Means Family T-shirt, our funny Yo Semite tee, and our Dandelion Seeds t-shirt. 

Our Pop Culture Collection includes graphic tees for people who love all the fun stuff like aliens, bigfoot, the Tombstone move, M.A.S.H. tv show, and 80's flashback tees. Some of our bestsellers include our I Walk Alone bigfoot shirt, and our I'm Your Huckleberry Doc Holliday shirt. 

Our Snark Tees Collection includes graphic tees for people who love love to show their attitudes! Bestsellers include our Cheeto Day cheetos shirt. 

Our Travel Collection includes graphic tees for people who love Italy, France the U.K., and traveling and vacations in general! Bestsellers include our On Your Mark Get Set Bake t-shirt, our Gucci-spoof Gnocchi t-shirt, our Calabria Italy t-shirt, and our Sicilian t-shirt.

Our Wellness Collection includes graphic tees for people who love diet and exercise, healthy eating, veganism, positive vibes, psychology, and yoga! Bestsellers include our funny Nature Vs Nurture t-shit, our pop art Freud spiral notebook, our Vegan Power hat, and our Hand of Fatima evil eye protection tank top. 

We other collections including: Autism Tees, Baking Gifts, Celebrations, Christian Tees, Coffee & Tea, Crafter Tees, Girl Power, Love & Hearts, Mom & Family, Political Tees, Quarantine Life, Sun Moon & Stars, and our Unicorn Collection.