Actually I had not thought about it until someone else commented on it and then looked up graphics of cupid. Yup. Pretty creepy if you really look at them. A really fat baby with an adult head of really curly hair armed with a bow and arrow has become the traditional symbol of Valentine’s Day.

Who is this Cupid anyway?
In Ancient Greece, he is known as Eros, the son of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. Then  the Romans “borrowed” all the Greek stories and changed everyone’s names. So Eros became Cupid, son of Venus.

 Eros seems to be depicted as an adult and Cupid has ended up being shown as a baby. But ladies, wouldn’t you rather be shot with an arrow of love by a full-grown man – preferably one with a 6-pack? And I say arrow of love because apparently there are 2 types of arrows that Cupid can shoot at you. Gold for attracting love and Lead for repelling love. Which actually explains a lot for me.  

Cupid & Psyche
The most famous story about Cupid revolves around his wife. YUP it’s true. Stop picturing the baby or it will creep you out more. OK – here is an image of Cupid as an adult which should help  (with his wife Psyche).  

Eros/Cupid was told by his mom to punish a woman named Psyche because mom was jealous of her beauty and Cupid fell in love with her instead but because she was mortal she was not allowed to look at him. Of course she did look at him and Cupid punished her by leaving her.

Psyche was left alone trying to find her love but found the temple of Venus instead. And Venus gave her a series of tasks to complete and Psyche ends up pulling a sleeping beauty. Cupid then pulls a Prince Charming and wakes her up and forgives her. And she becomes a goddess for loving Cupid. Cleary we can see where Disney and soap operas get their best storylines.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone and if you see Cupid make sure he’s armed with gold arrows.

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