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  • A Little Extra Personality - Myers Briggs Style

    Nov 14 2018

    College Student Thing I took the Myers Briggs Personality test at some point in college - it's probably a standard test to help all those...

  • Baby It's Cold Outside

    Oct 11 2018

    Moving in the Wrong Direction  I love this whole resurgence of the feminist movement and yes, I believe Dr. Ford, but sometimes in the pu...

  • Lyon at Heart

    Jan 11 2018

    When my friend Gina and I travelled this past summer, we had big plans to see 3 different countries - but 3 weeks wasn't really enough ti...

  • Does anyone Else Think Cupid Looks Creepy?

    Jan 05 2018

    Actually I had not thought about it until someone else commented on it and then looked up graphics of cupid. Yup. Pretty creepy if you re...

  • Born to be Sarcastic?

    Dec 21 2017

    I was just sitting here wondering if sarcasm has always been around as a not-so-secret weapon of mass deconstruction or is it fairly new?...